It is said that “Well Begun is Half done”

So the School begins with the Assembly which provides a platform for the students to recognize & develop their strengths & overcome their weaknesses.

Assembly is conducted House wise by the students & marks are allotted for the same.

School believes in secularism and to promote it, prayers of different religions are recited by the students on different days.

Assembly begins with School Song followed by Prayer, Pledge, News, Thought for the Day, Reading of articles on importance of the day & on Values. Meditation is included once a week.

Assembly concludes with National Anthem.


School Song

क्षात्र – कुल – गुरो, हे शिवराजा,
स्वीकारी ही मानस पूजा ||

स्वातंत्र्याचा पहिला सैनिक
राजा नच तू, जनगण – नायक
पिढया पिढयांचा पथ निर्देशक
स्फूर्तिपथ तू सर्व वंशाचा || 1 ||

आम्ही बाळे तुझीच सारी
तव वृक्षाचे फलाधिकारी
स्वदेश – रक्षक तव व्रतधारी
फडकत ठेवू तूझी जयध्वजा || 2 ||