Std V to VIII Formative evaluation and Summative evaluation.
Formative Evaluation: Students are assessed based on day to day observation, taking into account oral work in classroom, questions, group discussions, personal interviews and general communication skills.  The assessment also includes experiments, projects, informal tests, open book tests, essay writing, report writing and written tests.
Summative Evaluation:  Evaluation is done at the end of each term.  This method includes oral and written examinations. Assessment inculcates life skills, giving importance to the overall development of the child
Std IX & Std XI Two Unit Tests
1st Term- Terminal Examination
2nd Term- Annual Examination
Average of unit tests, terminal and final examination is considered for promotion of a student to class tenth.
Std X & Std XII  Two Unit Tests & Class Tutorials
1st Term- Terminal Examination
2nd Term- Preliminary Examination
Promotion Policy:
  • Promotion of Std IX & XI students will strictly depend upon the academic performance during the unit tests, terminal and final examination.
  • The results of the examination are final and cannot be re-considered under any circumstances.
  • If a student is found in indulging in any form of malpractice during examination, an action will be taken against the student as per school rules.