“Well Begun is Half done.”

The day at School begins with a Morning  School assembly. Morning School assembly is an important part of the School culture.

Marks are allotted for  the Classwise assembly conducted by the students.

The flow of the assembly program is usually planned by school authorities

School believes in secularism and to promote it, prayers of different religions are recited by the students on different days.

Assembly begins with School Song followed by Prayer, Pledge, News, Thought for the Day,  articles on Importance of the day and on moral values are read by students, also a small skit is presented  by the students and  teachers too address the students on topics relating to current events, morals and values.

Meditation is included once a week.

The School actively participates  in the Global Forgiveness Movement initiated by Sadhu Vaswani   Mission & Staff & Students  observe  Moment of Calm  every month end .

Assembly concludes with National Anthem.

School Song

क्षात्र – कुल – गुरो, हे शिवराजा,
स्वीकारी ही मानस पूजा ||

स्वातंत्र्याचा पहिला सैनिक
राजा नच तू, जनगण – नायक
पिढया पिढयांचा पथ निर्देशक
स्फूर्तिपथ तू सर्व वंशाचा || 1 ||

आम्ही बाळे तुझीच सारी
तव वृक्षाचे फलाधिकारी
स्वदेश – रक्षक तव व्रतधारी
फडकत ठेवू तूझी जयध्वजा || 2 ||


The Intention of the School Assembly is to –

  • Build a culture of communication and representation of academic and co-curricular activities.
  • It helps to strengthen the way a school works.
  • It also helps students to gather a lot of energy.
  • The assembly helps to nurture and maintain a positive, healthy school culture that binds everyone together.
  • It also helps students from different classes to interact with each other and bridges the gaps of seniority-juniority between them.
  • To connect with your true self and god through Morning Prayer.
  • To motivate the students with appreciation, rewards, and accolades on performing well in academics and curricular activities.
  • To motivate expression and overcome self-consciousness.
  • To give an insight into experiential moments with anecdotes and stories and co-curricular activities.