Date:- 4th October 2016

On 4th October 2016, a guest lecture was organized for standard 8th A/B/C. The lecture was conducted on the topic Health and Hygiene. The lecture was guided by Dr. Shilpa Naresh Chaudhari  working as a Medical Officer with K.E.M. Hospital Pune.

She briefed the students about the concept related to Health and Hygiene focusing on personal hygiene and diseases caused due to it. She explained Health is the normal and sound state of the body. This is a great source  of peace and happiness. Hygiene refers to the good practice that prevents disease and leads to good health. Personal Hygiene makes your body active and fresh which enables the freshness of the brain. One should be neat and clean. Food what we eat also should be of good quality and fresh. Social Hygiene can be maintained by keeping our surrounding neat and clean. Many times due to lack of Hygiene we tend to get diseases, insects which make the life miserable. The slides with image and information related to health, hygiene and diseases were shown on Projector.   It was an enlightening session as she shared real life experiences & told the students about the importance of Health and Hygiene. At the end of the session she interacted with girls , related to their Hygiene. It was a learning & interactive session for the students where she answered all the queries put up by the students satisfactorily.