Date:-24th June 2019

Topic: – Blood Donation

Interhouse poster making competition for Junior college was organised on 24thjune 2019, for which the topic was ‘Blood Donation’. It was organised to make students aware about the importance of donating blood in order to ensure the availability of blood for patients in need across the world.

22 students from Class XII enthusiastically participated in this competition. Participants spread the message of blood donation though variety of creative posters. The performance of the students was noteworthy. Mrs Uma Salunke and Mrs. Vaishali Pophale, who were the judges for the competition appreciated the efforts of the participants. The winners for the competition were as follows.

Housewise Positions:-

1st Positon Shivaji House
2nd Positon Shahaji House
3rd Positon Sambhaji House


Individual Positions:-

Position Name of students Class House
1st Siddhant Manur XII B Sambhaji
2nd Akshata Badigar XIIB Shahaji
3rd Hrutuja Kale XII C Shivaji