Staff Picnic Hurda Party

Staff picnic for Hurda party was arranged to Wadzire, Nagar district on 13th January 2018. Mr. Sachin Karkande one of our staff member had made all the arrangement for the Hurda party on his farm. Principal Ms. Shivali Jagtap supervisor Mrs. Vaishali Rao along with 15 other staff members went for the Hurda Party.

Staff members  left the school at 7:00 am and visited natural pot holes at Nighoj and reached Wadzire, Karkande sir’s place at 12:30 pm, where the staff  members were warmly welcomed by the Karkande family.

Staff members visited the primary school and Anganwadi School in the village. Mrs Suvarna Shridhar gave her story telling presentation in the school. Principal Ms. Shivali Jagtap donated  sports material for the students to the Head Master of the Primary School. She also distributed some eatables to the children.

Staff members went to the farm of Mr. Karkande for the Hurda Party. All the staff members enjoyed the Hurda followed by the delicious lunch. Staff mambers returned back to school  at 7:00 pm.

All staff members thanked Mr. Karkande and family for their hospitality. The picnic was memorable as the teachers could experience the beauty of nature.