Date: 20th June 2019

Nature is one of the important part in our life and to protect our nature is our duty.Birds in our surrounding are one of the important factor of our nature. The number of birds and their species are decreasing day by day due to many human activities. So to create awareness about this, a power point presentation was presented by students of Std X on 20th June 2019. Mansi Halunde, Jyostna Choudhary, Parth Medankar and Sheyash Shivale from Std. X prepared power point presentation.

20th June is Death anniversary of famous Ornithologist and Naturalist Dr. Salim Ali.His life and work done in the research and study of birds is inspiring. So three groups of Std X students prepared presented Power Point Presentation on Dr. Salim Ali and his work in the classes of Std VIII & IX . Documentary explaining great work done by Dr. Ali in the development of ornithology was also shown. In the end students were appealed not to harm and protect the birds. Students of Std VIII also prepared wall hangings on birds.