The Inter- University Centre for Astronomy  and Astrophysics(IUCAA)  had organised a Model Making Competition on 22nd February 2020 on the occasion of National Science Day. The students of  HSC section of SSPM Day School and Junior College participated in the competition. The following three students of  std XI A were selected as participants for this competition

  1. Shravani Shivaji Borude
  2. Aditya Mohan Kate
  3. Yogesh Narayan K.C

The theme for the competition was ‘Space- the new frontier for humanity.’ The participants were asked to make and assemble a model on the given theme at the place of the event itself they were not supposed to get a prepared model.

On the day of competition at the IUCAA centre the students were welcomed by the IUCAA faculty members. Mr.Somak Raychaudhary, Director IUCAA, welcomed and addressed the participants at the Chandrashekar Auditorium after which the Model Making Competition started. The participants were given time of one hour to assemble their model. Based on the theme the students prepared a model on ‘Colonisation on Mars-the new frontier for mankind’. The competition was held at the Varahamihira Quadrangle of IUCAA. Many schools from Pune city participated in the competition. A panel of Judges observed and marked the projects. Also the teachers accompanying the participants were asked to cast their vote for the best project. Best five projects were selected for the final round to be held on 28th February 2020 on National Science Day. All the students received participation certificates.

The competition provided a platform for the students to present their ideas on the given topic and also widened their knowledge on Space Technology and Astronomy. The students participated with lots of enthusiasm and zest. This competition was truly a learning experience for the students.