Date : 12 January  2017

Industries, electrical  and labour department , Maharastra State, celebrated electrical safety week from 11th January to 17th January 2017. The objective of the event was to make the students aware about the power safety rules and to make them understand the importance of conservation of energy.

As per their directives students of SSPM Day School and Jr college took pledge in the assembly to follow the power safety rules   on 12th January  2017. The pledge was read by Miss Mane Prajyoti  from standard XI-B . All the students repeated the pledge after her. The highlights of the pledge were as follows:

Students will take appropriate precautions such as switching of mobile phone as soon as the  battery is full, not touching appliances with wet hands, discourage people from using electric poles as a clothes line and not touch live wires.

Thus, through the pledge the students were educated on saving  electricity and were enligntened with the safety rules. Teachers inculcated  the thought amongst the students that  awareness should be a continuous process and not a once in a year event.