Activity: IUCAA’s Science Day Competition

Date : February 25,2017.

The National Science Day is observed on 28th February every year in remembrance of the epoch making contribution of the great Indian scientist, Dr. C.V. Raman. IUCAA, a well known science education hub of Pune organises a series of competitions to celebrate this day. This year , it had organised Quiz competition, Drawing Competition and Essay competition on 25th February, 2017 at Chandrashekhar Auditorium in its campus.

On behalf of S.S.P.M.Day School and Junior College, five students had participated in these competitions. The students reported at 8.30 am at the auditorium. Competitions started at 9.30am. There were three participants for Quiz Competition. The students were given written test in the Elimination Round. The questions challenged the scientific knowledge and reasoning of students.

For Drawing and Essay Competition, two students had participated individually. They were given topics related to science and astronomy.

The competitions aimed at testing the subject knowledge, imagination and creativity of the students.

While the competitions were underway, a lecture session for the teachers and parents was organised by IUCCA. Ms. Shamin Padale enlightened the audience about bridging the gap between content knowledge of the subject and actual classroom teaching.

The lecture concluded after she answered the queries of the teachers. The students were served with snacks after the competition ended at 11 am. The certificates were distributed to the participants at 3 p.m.