Dussehra is a festival which marks the victory of Good over Evil. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal throughout the country. Effigies of Ravana  РThe symbol of Evil are burnt to display the triumph of truth and goodness.

To make the students aware about the above customs and to inculcate in them good values. We at SSPM Day School & Jr. College had put up an effigy of Ravana. Students were encouraged to put up one bad habit or negativity that they have in them and pledge to give up that habit and adopt good thoughts and values which would help them to become a better person.

Classes from V to VIII assembled turn by turn near the display. The Librarian and teachers spoke about the activity and the Class monitors collected and put up the pledges of the bad habits of the students and displayed it near the Ravana effigy .It was a good initiative to introduce students to our Indian culture in a different way.