Workshop on the topic ‘Story Telling in Education was organized for Language Social Science and Science teachers. Ten teachers were selected for the workshop. The workshop was conducted by Mrs Suvarna Shridhar, who is a professional storyteller and facilitator.

The workshop was divided in four sessions. Two sessions were conducted in the month of April ie. On 24th and 25th April 2017 and Two sessions were conducted in June ie. On 13th and 14th June 2017.

The initial two sessions focused on the art of storytelling and its value in education, the challenges faced by teachers today and use of creative tools, music and art in everyday teaching. Teachers were involved in chart making and collage making activities. Also a story weave/ story thread activity was conducted, whereby teachers shared a chapter or anecdote from their personal lives. It taught the value of connecting, bonding and communicating through the universal language of emotions.

Teaching concepts of languages ( English ) through the medium of stories were presented with the help of slides shown on the screen. Teachers were also encouraged to enact few characters. They enthusiastically participated in it. Use of music and movements for better class control was also highlighted. Ideas were shared about using stories even for teaching subjects like Maths and Science.

The next two sessions conducted in the month of June stressed on Lesson Planning and integrating storytelling with academic curricula.Story performance, voice modulation,body language, preparing a proper lesson plan and its implementation was demonstrated.

On the last day of the workshop teachers were asked to come ready with a demonstrative lesson plan based on the ideas and concepts shared during the sessions. Teachers presented their lessons using teaching aids, storytelling, enactments and interaction with the audience. Mrs  Suvarna Shridhar gave her valuable inputs after each presentation and guided the teachers. Teachers also made charts displaying their vision for their class for the academic session 2017-2018.

The session concluded with vote of thanks to Mrs Suvarna Shridhar. Overall the workshop was very inspiring, motivating and filled with practical demonstrations and activities which would help the teachers in planning and implementing their lessons effectively.