Language is an important medium of communication. Words express our emotions and feelings. But misspelt words can misinterpret the meaning of the word. In view of the importance of the correct spellings of words and to enrich the vocabulary of the students, an Inter-House Spell bee Competition for Junior Group (Std-V to VIII) and Senior Group (Std-IX and X) was organised in the school.

For Junior Group, the Competition was segmented in three rounds. The three Rounds were as follows, ‘Spell me right’, ‘Buzzer Round’ and ‘Rapid Fire Round’. Whereas for Senior Group, in addition to these three rounds, two more Rounds, namely ‘Synonyms and Antonyms’ and ‘Guess the word’ were included.

The Competition witnessed the enthusiasm of the participants and the audience. The audience also contributed their share of vocabulary when the participants fell short. The Competition was indeed successful in enriching the vocabulary of students and creating curiosity to learn new words and pronunciations.

The results were as follows:-

Junior Group Sambhaji House Std
  Abdusamad Mulla V-B
  Prerna Waghmare VI-B
  Vidhi Baldota VII-A
  Poorva Gautam VIII-A
Senior Group Umar Tanwir IX-C
  Sanika Dhamanskar X-B