Date : 21st  August 2018

Every logo and slogan has some kind of history, filled with meaning and purpose. All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society has started Polytechnic in 1994. This year they are celebrating the 25th year of establishment. On this occasion “Logo Design and Slogan Competition” was organised by AISSMS’s Polytechnic. Theme for the competition was “Silver Jubilee Year of AISSMS’s Polytechnic”. The competition was open to all staff members, alumni and the students of AISSM Society. The students of std XI and XII from S.S.P.M. Day School and Junior College participated in the competition enthusiastically. They prepared very creative logo and slogan for the competition.

List of the Participants for the competition

Sr. No. Name of the participants Class
1. Atharv R. Godse XI A Sci
2. Hitesh R. Parihar XI A Sci
3. Hemin Gohel XI A Sci
4. Jasud Siddhant Eknath XI A Sci
5. Pareena Pathan XII B Sci
6. Gauri Gurav XII B Sci