AISSMS’s  Polytechnic college is celebrating its silver jubilee year. On this occasion, Interschool Science exhibition AISSMS Junior Scientists was organized for the students of standard IX and X on 12th December 2018.

Three groups of students of std IX and X from SSPM Day school participated in the exhibition.

  1. Waste Management:- By Bothra Smiet, Om Darwatkar and Chinmay Kumar – Guided by Mrs. Sangita Jadhav.
  2. Watershed Development:- By Samarth Pawar, Mayur Kudale and Hrucha Dake – Guided by Mr. Sachin Karkande.
  3. Structure of Human Ear and effects of Sound Pollution:- By Vaibhav Kankhar, Shoaib Nadaf and Anushka Kamble – Guided by Mrs. Vaishali Pophale.

140 schools participated in the exhibition. Prizes were given to the top 3 projects. Students were given the participation certificates. A platform was provided for the children to showcase their talent. It was a good experience for the children.