Day and date – Monday 2ndJuly 2018

Venue – Class 12th B

Doctor’s Day is the day of respect for all professional doctors who have made great efforts in saving the life of patients.To recognize the contribution of doctors and to provide honour to them, Doctor’s Day was celebrated by the students of SSPM Day School and Jr. College on 2ndJuly 2018.

Dr. Manish Bothra (BAMS), father of Smiet Bothra(IX B) was invited as a guest lecturer for the celebration of the day. He was introduced by Sakshi Mishra of standard XII. Mrs. Uma Salunke welcomed the guest of honour by presenting a medicinal plant Occimum sanctum. Kajol Doke dedicated a poem for the guest of honour.

Dr. Manish Bothra explained to the students about different career options in medical science through his speech. The session was made interactive by a questionnaire. Avantika Pathare dedicated a prayer for doctors and wished that God blesses all the doctors and give them wisdom, experience and skill necessary for the patients’ recovery. Dr. Manish Bothra was overwhelmed by listening to the prayer. At the end, a video was shown to the students which showed the different roles played by doctors in society.

The session made the students aware about the roles, importance and responsibilities of doctors.The program ended with a vote of thanks given by the head girl  Nirmala Rajpuorohit.

Incharge  Teacher: Mrs. Uma Salunke.