Date :   19th July 2018

 “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

This famous line said by Neil Armstrong when he steps on moon. Neil Armstrong is best known for being the first person to walk on the moon as a part of Apollo 11 mission with Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collin.  Forty nine years ago, on 20th July 1969 first time man reached on moon.

To remember this great victory of mankind the activity of PPT on Neil Armstrong by students of class XII was arranged in S.S.P.M. day school and junior college on 19th July 2018. The activity was arranged to know much more about life history Neil Armstrong, his career in NASA as astronaut and in Navy as test pilot.

The students from class XIIB Ashutosh Potdar, Gauri Gurav and Neha Jadhav gave interesting information with coloured slides and videos on life history of Neil Armstrong and his important role in Apollo 11 mission. Students of class XII found it very informative and they enjoyed it.