Date:27th July 2018


SSPM’s Day school and junior college conducted Interhouse Elocution competition for std XII on 27 June 2018.The topic for the competition was “Stop Junk Food”. There were three participants from each house and in total twelve from all the four houses. The Judge for the competition was Mrs. Vaishali Rao. The points for evaluation during the competition were content, language, structure, delivery and presentation.Every participant was given precisely 2 minute to present their views on the topic. It was indeed astounding to see how beautifully students had put their thoughts, insights, humour on the topic “Stop junk food” and delivered the speech. They also pledged to make an effort towards inculcating healthy eating habits. The comparing for this competition was done by the Head Boy Shivaprasad Rao.

Elocution refers to one’s capacity of communicating with others, with the use of exact speech and gestures. This competition gives students a good opportunity to combat with their biggest fear i.e. stage fear. The Interhouse Elocution competition was conducted to enhance oratory skills of students and to train the students face an audience with confidence. The competition enabled our students to speak with more clarity and finesse and it surely was an enjoyable experience for all those who participated. The participants displayed oratory skill with zeal and enthusiasm . The judge Mrs. Vaishali Rao applauded the hard work put in by the participants and encouraged the students to participate enthusiastically in such competitions.

The result of the competition is as follows:

Position Name of participant House Class
 I Mishra Sakshi Sambhaji XIIB
II Desai Mihika Shahaji XIIB
III Avantika Pathare Rajaram XIIB


Housewise result of the competition is:

Position Name of  the House Points
 I Sambhaji 83
II Rajaram 75
III Shivaji 70