Date: 02nd Aug 2018.

We at SSPM Day school & Jr College along with the Staff and students have been participating in Moment of Calm campaign since 2014. Initially we observed Moment of Calm annually but since Aug. 2016 to make it a regular practice and to imbibe the value of forgiveness in children we have made it a part of our Academic calendar and we observe it every month end.

This year ( ie. 2018 – 2019 ) also we at SSPM Day School & Jr. College observed Moment of Calm – The Global Forgiveness Moment today on 02nd Aug 2018 to mark the centenary birth anniversary of Late Dada J P Vaswani  with the participation of 1500 Students, 45 Teaching Staff 12 Non-Teaching staff 10  Housekeeping Staff , Total 1567 Participants.